Cocktail Banter, Episode 6: Lessons On Leadership

Cocktail Banter connects you with the best of politics and pop culture. It’s the podcast that gives you everything you need to know to be in the know.

This week, we’re talking with Robert Acton, the principal and founder of Cause Strategy Partners, a firm that provides strategic counsel and high-impact programming to foundations, companies and nonprofit organizations. 

Rob has led social good organizations for more than two decades, and along the way he’s become an expert on nonprofit leadership and social impact. Today, he consults with Fortune 500 companies like Google, HBO, Verizon and Time Warner on topics related to board service and leadership. 

Last year, Rob's firm conducted a study to determine the leadership qualities people would most like to see in their boss. He shares his thoughts about the most sought-after leadership quality and how we can cultivate it in our own lives (16:07).

Rob gives his perspective about why anyone can become a great leader (15:50), and we discuss what Pope Francis, Bill Clinton and Steve Jobs have in common (12:59). 

And if you dream about turning your side hustle into a full-time gig, tune in at the end of the show to hear the lessons he learned when he launched his firm (30:35).  

To read more of Rob’s thoughts about leadership, check out what he thinks makes a great leader and the leadership lessons he learned over a latte. And continue the conversation by connecting with Rob and Cause Strategy Partners on Twitter.